Here’s to a Happy Tuesday


Good morning friends!  It’s an amazing universe of information-the internet.  Was looking for images and quotes to wish you all a Happy Tuesday and found this!  Couldn’t help to post because it is just unique and have to admit, pretty hilarious!  Dogs are amazing, but I’m pretty sure my dogs could never pull this off.  But possibly could be an interesting experiment….hmmmm.

So Happy Tuesday everyone and to all the doggies….continue to be awesome!


Many Thanks to a Lovely Friend

One Lovely Blog Award.

My deepest and sincere gratitude goes out to Aquileana  for the “One Lovely Blog Award” nomination.  Aquileana has a beautiful blog filled with information about Greek Mythology.  Please take a few minutes to say hello and check it out.

The award rules are as follows:

1.  The nominee shall display the respective logo on his/her blog and link to the blogger that has nominated him/her.

2.  The nominee shall nominate 10 bloggers he/she admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about the nomination.

So, without any further delay, here are the nominees that shine today:

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8.  Russel Ray Photos  9.  Ow Foto Grafik  10.  The Lambent Life

Thank you Aquileana for your kindness and for the Lovely Blog nomination.

Peace, love, blessings to you all!  Tammy

It’s A Fantastic Friday My Friends


Here we are…..Friday!  The infamous day that starts the weekend for most of us hard working, dedicated humans.  Why is it that everyone gets especially excited when Friday comes rolling around?  Could it be that we can’t wait to dive in and enjoy the plans we made for the weekend?  Maybe it’s that special someone you just can’t wait to see and embrace each other’s unique and wonderful qualities.  Perhaps you get to see your children and share what they like to do, and it just so happens that you become a child yourself.

Yes, we can all say that Friday has been a kind of celebration day.  But why not look at every day as something to celebrate?  Every day we wake up is a precious gift.  The sun is shining, maybe the birds are serenading you a sweet melody.  Squirrels may be playing in the trees.  It’s the simple things that we sometimes forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, make it awesome!  Have fun, laugh out loud, get silly, love a lot and smile!!!!!  May this day and everyday bring you peace, love and happiness!



Love is…….







Gandhi: The Ultimate Minimilast




“You may have occasion to possess or use material things, but the secret of life lies in never missing them.”~Mohandas Gandhi

Political and spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi practiced total simplicity and minimalism, leaving and admirable legacy of how to live.  Born into a prosperous family, he enjoyed a privileged upbringing and studied law at University College, London, in England.  When he left Earth, he had fewer than 10 possessions.

In contrast, most of us tend to spend a lot of time and energy accumulating and looking after possessions; by having less, life naturally becomes simpler.  We can take up author Dave Bruno’s The 100 Thing Challenge and start cutting down to bare basics by recycling, refusing to accept more stuff and giving away or selling unwanted possessions.

Accumulate little.  Gandhi believed in possessing only the clothes, sandals, watch and spectacles he wore and some cooking and eating utensils.  He would give away or auction any gift he received.

Eat simple food.  Gandhi never had a problem being overweight.  He followed a strict vegetarian diet and often cooked his own simple, locally produced foods.  He ate from a small bowl, a reminder to eat moderately and mindfully, often accompanied by prayers.

Dress simply.  Gandhi wore simple clothes, often just a wraparound cloth, for modesty and comfort.  A simple hairstyle can shorten daily grooming.  Gandhi shaved off his hair.

Lead a simple, stress-free life.  Gandhi meditated daily and spent hours in reflection and prayer.  Though he was a revered world leader, he led a simple life with few distractions and commitments and would interrupt political meetings to play with children.  Gandhi insisted on doing his own simple tasks.  He advocated self-sufficiency and simple work.

Let your life be your message.   A prolific, concise writer and powerful speaker in public; in private, Gandhi spoke quietly and only when necessary.  He preferred to let his life talk to him.

By living a simple life, Gandhi was able to devote himself to his chosen higher purpose and focus on his commitment to his people and the world.  Accordingly, consistent focus determines anyone’s success and the potential for leaving one’s own inspiring legacy.


Arvind Devalia is the author of the bestselling Get the Life You Love, and inspirational coach and prolific blogger.  

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Enjoy the simple things in life.

This is what I am doing today and for some time to come. May you all have peace, love and happiness! Tammy


Enjoy the simple things in life.



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Hello Friends/ Welcome to Super Saturday

funny good morning quotes-4

“When you really want something

Sometimes you have to swim deeper.

You can’t give up just because

things don’t come easy.

You have to overcome the obstacles

and face fears.

But in the end, it’s all worth while.

Life is full of ups and downs

But if you believe in yourself,

You will always come through

with flying colors.

Value Friendship, Love and Faith.

Have A Good Day!