Saving the Planet


Research tells us that plastic grocery bags consume less energy to produce, transport and recycle than paper sacks. The dilemma is that the vast majority of them don’t get recycled. This recent “metropolitan tumbleweed” clogs our gutters, kills wildlife and makes the world a less beautiful as a whole. World-watch Institute estimates that the United States throws away 100 BILLION plastic shopping bags every year. Here are some ways to nip it in the bud.

– Bring reusable totes and plastic bags to stores.

– Go through the self-checkout to add more items to each bag.

– Put items in a purse or briefcase and carry them out.

– Use a plastic grocery bag to clean up behind the dog and scoop out the litter box.

– Donate bags to a local dog park and animal shelter.

– Wrap homemade bread in a clean, plastic grocery bag to keep it fresh.

– Reuse plastic bags to pack lunches.

– Line a cutting board for easy cleanup of messy jobs; collect vegetable shavings.

– Use a clean bag as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough.

– Substitute twisted bags for rope or plastic zip ties.

– Keep bags in the trunk of the car for emergencies.

These are just a few of the ways to help the planet. For more information, go to

Peace and love to all!


Fossil-Fuel Freedom

New York State Could Achieve it by 2050

A new study lays out how New York State’s entire demand for end power could be provided by wind (50 percent), solar (38 percent) and geothermal (5 percent), plus wave and tidal energy sources.  This ambitious goal could be achieved by 2050, when all conventional fossil fuel generation would be completely phased out.  The plan also generates a large net increase in jobs.

Mark Jacobson, a co-author of the study and professor of civil and environmental engineering at California’s Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, analyzes how energy technologies impact the atmosphere and how society can transition rapidly to clean and renewable energy sources if we integrated production and energy use in a systems perspective.

Robert Howarth, Ph.D., the senior co-author and a professor of ecology and environmental biology at Cornell University, in New York, has been tackling climate change and its consequences since the 1970s.  He says, “Many pundits tell us that solar, wind, etc., are great conceptually, but that it will take many decades to start to make these technologies economically feasible.”  However, New York is one of the larger economies in the world, and New York City is the most energy-efficient city in the U.S.



17 thoughts on “Saving the Planet

  1. The wasteful society we live in today I find completely nauseating! Change can only happen on an individual basis. Small steps by each of us can make a big difference.


    • Yes,I agree. It often makes me sad how there is so much waste and the need to live life at an accelerated pace!
      Thank you for your comment,
      Peace and love,


  2. Love this blog. A little hard to read sometimes as comments scroll over the busy background without a solid behind them. I use plastic bags for all sorts of repurposing. I line the pulp collector in my juicer. I use them for home-made bread bags. I use them to harvest fruits and veggies from our garden. They make good small trash can liners. So many uses. If they become illegal, maybe that’s good. Maybe not. I read the more toxins are produced in the production of paper bags than in plastic and that the paper bags are not very biodegradable. Looks like cloth is always the better choice. Thanks.


    • I am grateful for your kindness. Thank you for letting me know about the background buziness. I use plastic bags for liner as well. There are so many uses. Well, if they become extinct, there are always reusable bags and better yet, ones you can make yourself. I make a lot of things out of magazines, including reusable bags!

      Have a beautiful day and thank you for visiting my blog.


    • Yes! I work on doing that every day. We have so much in this world and so many are without.

      Thank you for visiting. Come back anytime.
      Peace, love, bliss. Tammy


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