Silence is Golden



Silence is golden

or so it is written

still your body-

quiet your mind-

take a journey deep inside

connect with the sweet divine within-

release all sorrow, worry and fear

open your heart to something greater than yourself

Breathe in sweetness and love,

exhale stress, anxiety and doubt

You are a strong, beautiful and blissful being

Share peace and love with the world

Spread your wings and fly-

Shine your light for everyone to see-

the journey begins with you and me




“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful.  Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.” ~Mahatma Ghandi



Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Mahatma Ghandi



Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.



It’s A Fantastic Friday My Friends


Here we are…..Friday!  The infamous day that starts the weekend for most of us hard working, dedicated humans.  Why is it that everyone gets especially excited when Friday comes rolling around?  Could it be that we can’t wait to dive in and enjoy the plans we made for the weekend?  Maybe it’s that special someone you just can’t wait to see and embrace each other’s unique and wonderful qualities.  Perhaps you get to see your children and share what they like to do, and it just so happens that you become a child yourself.

Yes, we can all say that Friday has been a kind of celebration day.  But why not look at every day as something to celebrate?  Every day we wake up is a precious gift.  The sun is shining, maybe the birds are serenading you a sweet melody.  Squirrels may be playing in the trees.  It’s the simple things that we sometimes forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, make it awesome!  Have fun, laugh out loud, get silly, love a lot and smile!!!!!  May this day and everyday bring you peace, love and happiness!



Love is…….







Wishing you a Happy Friday



Good morning friends!  I saw this quote and had to share.  Enjoy life even though it may seem like it’s not going the way you think it should, even the tough times have a reason in your life.  Whatever the day may bring, you have a reason to SMILE, because life is precious and so are YOU!

Have a great day!  Peace, love, bliss-Tammy

Global Peace and Love


Hello friends,

I received this email today as I am a part of the Global Love Project and  not only did it hit home on what is going on in the world, but also made me stop and think about how much I desire to have PEACE and LOVE in the world as well as PEACE and LOVE  within myself.  These were some of the questions that my good friend Aine Belton had included in her email:

How can  you find resolution, peace, happiness and harmony in your personal world?
In what way can you make peace with yourself and others?

How can you cultivate open, loving, nourishing, relationships and environments?

What can you face and let go of for greater peace? (What judgment, grievance, belief, fear, pain, story…?)

How about bringing acceptance, forgiveness, love, peace, and understanding more fully into your life as you wish to find it in the world?

I want to share this article that she wrote a while back: “10 Steps to Peace Within”, just click this link to read:


For any it may appeal to, she recorded a “World Healing Meditation” some time ago for sending positive intentions, thoughts, feelings and visions into the world.

If you feel called, you can listen to the meditation recording free at:

Never underestimate your impact.  Your thoughts and feelings count.  Your love, intent, imagination, focus and action can help to heal the world.

Peace, love,  blessings from my heart to yours,



The Sun Shines on Everyone

This video touched my soul and my heart. Remembering that God loves everyone, He does not pick and chose, and He has no favorites. If you know someone is unhappy today, why not share your love and peace with that person or persons and make their heart shine!

Peace and love to everyone,

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence/A Path to Personal, Global and Social Coherence