Here’s to a Happy Tuesday


Good morning friends!  It’s an amazing universe of information-the internet.  Was looking for images and quotes to wish you all a Happy Tuesday and found this!  Couldn’t help to post because it is just unique and have to admit, pretty hilarious!  Dogs are amazing, but I’m pretty sure my dogs could never pull this off.  But possibly could be an interesting experiment….hmmmm.

So Happy Tuesday everyone and to all the doggies….continue to be awesome!


Stop Killing the Wildlife/Nature is our Fortress

It’s April 1st- Let’s Have Some Laughs

I know today is supposed to be April Fool’s Day, but I saw this video and I just had to share.  Besides, it’s great for the body and soul to laugh as often as possible.

I had some laughs this morning and I am sure you will too!  Enjoy your day!  Tammy