Global Peace and Love


Hello friends,

I received this email today as I am a part of the Global Love Project and  not only did it hit home on what is going on in the world, but also made me stop and think about how much I desire to have PEACE and LOVE in the world as well as PEACE and LOVE  within myself.  These were some of the questions that my good friend Aine Belton had included in her email:

How can  you find resolution, peace, happiness and harmony in your personal world?
In what way can you make peace with yourself and others?

How can you cultivate open, loving, nourishing, relationships and environments?

What can you face and let go of for greater peace? (What judgment, grievance, belief, fear, pain, story…?)

How about bringing acceptance, forgiveness, love, peace, and understanding more fully into your life as you wish to find it in the world?

I want to share this article that she wrote a while back: “10 Steps to Peace Within”, just click this link to read:


For any it may appeal to, she recorded a “World Healing Meditation” some time ago for sending positive intentions, thoughts, feelings and visions into the world.

If you feel called, you can listen to the meditation recording free at:

Never underestimate your impact.  Your thoughts and feelings count.  Your love, intent, imagination, focus and action can help to heal the world.

Peace, love,  blessings from my heart to yours,



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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