The Heart is Happiest When it Beats for Others

I saw this on a local church marquee and it made me stop and really think about what this means.  Life gets busy and we all get wrapped up now and again with ourselves and what WE want.  Yes, it’s nice to have things and to love ourselves and our family, but when you focus on this particular phrase, our real purpose on this earth is to LOVE others.

Loving others, especially if you don’t know them is sometimes difficult.  But when you have faith, and the eternal love in your heart that God gave to us, love is never too difficult to share.

I mean who isn’t happy they have love or are receiving love.  Maybe not love, but a kind word, a smile, a thank you,  helping someone do a task they can no longer do.  Giving a person a meal,  coffee or a ride.

Whatever and whoever you share your love and kindness  with truly is a blessing because we are all one in this universe.  Our physical bodies are different, but our hearts and our love is all the same.

The day that I saw this was unique because not only did I reflect on it, but an amazing act of kindness happened at work.

Two young men were sitting in a booth, eating pizza.  There was a couple sitting in the booth in front of them.  Your probably saying, so what about it?  Well, after the couple finished  their meal, the woman came up to the counter to pay for her dinner.  Before she paid, she said she wanted to pay for the young men’s meal as well.   That just brought a smile to my face and my heart.

I politely asked her why and she said because she heard one of the young men say they were having financial trouble, so she wanted to help.  I thought that was very nice.  She continued to say not to let them know until she left.

When we told them what happened, they were so happy and shocked that they too had big smiles on their face.

So you see we are all connected, we just never know when our heart will become happy or what moment it will beat for others.

May you enjoy your day!  Peace and love to all!


6 thoughts on “The Heart is Happiest When it Beats for Others

  1. I love this! A beautiful story of kindness! 🙂 Yes, I think that loving others simply means that you don’t want any harm to come to anyone, that you don’t want to hurt anyone, and that you wish happiness, and are willing to try to create happiness, for all 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words. I always appreciate your visit and your wonderful inspirational comments. I always love visiting your blog. Peace, love, blessings.


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