Have you seen Tammy? I Miss Her Blog Posts



Good afternoon friends, neighbors and fellow followers!

It has been a few days, or maybe even a week since I have displayed a post.   There have been some issues with Picky Petunia (my pc).  We all love it when our computers cooperate and comply with what we are trying to accomplish as far as our cyberspace activities are concerned.  But how do we feel when the luxury of a computer is taken away or decides that its attitude goes from happy and satisfying to grumpy and non-responsive?

We feel loss and possibly aggravated, frustrated and ready to pull our hair out!  So, you could say that we are  at the mercy of these electronic kings and queens, who are for the most part in control of  how much of our “To Do List” we actually get done.

The one thing I had to change on my computer was the antivirus/spyware program.  Previously I had Norton, which I have been advised is no longer as good as it used to be and that Microsoft Security Essentials is the one I should install.  So, that is what I did, Norton has been banished into cyberspace and now Microsoft Security Essentials has stepped up to the plate.

So, this is just a little re-cap of where I have been and what has been going on in my neck of the woods, or grass (since I live in Florida).

I’m glad to be back and I have missed you all!

Thank you for your kind comments, visits and follows!

Peace, love, light


2 thoughts on “Have you seen Tammy? I Miss Her Blog Posts

Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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