Happy Earth Day




Today is officially Earth Day!  There are many activities that you can participate in to show your love to the earth.  Plant a tree, make something out of recyclable material, use your recycle shopping bags instead of plastic.  If you live where there is a beach, you can help with a beach cleanup or start your own.   Another way to help is to clean up or help clean up local parks in your community/neighborhood.  You could help simply by cleaning up the litter on your street or around your neighborhood.

April 22nd may be the official day to do your part to help the planet, but really Earth Day is every day!  Let’s help keep Mother Earth beautiful and clean.



I will be doing my part to help the earth by making beads out of plastic bags ( I have a lot of plastic bags, so there will be an abundance of beads).

I would love to know how you will be helping the earth today.  If you don’t mind sharing, please leave it in the comment section.

Peace, love, blessings,


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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