Single Stream Recycling for Fort Pierce Begins on May 1st



Single stream recycling has been in the works since 2013 in several cities in Florida.  I was excited to see when I came home on Saturday  a big green recycling cart in my yard.  It was just like Christmas for me because I love recycling and anything that has to do with saving the earth.   This big and beautiful green cart will now be available to fill with all the recyclables in one shot.  No more separate bins here.

All of the items you currently recycle can go in this recycling cart and then some:

PAPER PRODUCTS                                                                                                               

Newspapers                   Pizza Boxes  (Clean, no grease)

Magazines                       Phone Books

Office Paper                   File Folders

Facial Tissue Boxes     Paper Tubes (Paper Towels)

Cardboard                       Milk and Juice Cartons


Wrapping Paper

Paper Bags



Tin Cans

Soda Bottles

Water Bottles

Empty Aerosol Cans

Metal Pie Plates

Cookie Sheets

Manual Can Openers

Metal Pots

Aluminum Cans

Laundry Detergent Bottles

Milk Jugs

Aluminum Foil

Rigid Plastic


Metal Lids

Metal Toys

Metal Pans





Hoses                                 Bottle Caps

Pyrex Cookware           Window Glass


Six Pack Rings

Plastic Bags


Rubber Items


Shrink Wrap


For information on how to dispose of or recycle these items, call or visit our websites.

Questions?  Call Waste Pro at (772) 595-9390 or go to:

For residents of St. Lucie County

For residents of Port St. Lucie


Starting on May 1st, place the cart curbside before 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.  Check with your homeowners association, if applicable, to determine when you can place it at the curb, when it must be brought back to the house, and where it can be stored.


Please remember- the more you recycle the better it is for the environment and our community.  Recycling is a winner for all of us.



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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