Each day I nourish myself with the Light in order to grow in divinity.  Through the messages that life brings me, I study my inner being to improve myself in the eyes of God.  I am here to learn and to grow-not materially but at my soul level.  I find my balance between material and spiritual worlds and I free myself of inner conflicts.

Everything Changes

everything changes 2



A soft light shines through my heart.  It illuminates those around me and transforms everything.  I focus and maintain a positive attitude in spite of all contradictions and difficulties I may see on the “outer.”  I do not allow negativity to take control of me, but remain a source of true joy.  I free myself of doubt and am filled with pure Light, the source of true happiness.





I am opening my consciousness to my true self.  I choose to be here to grow, to free myself from conflict, and to discover who I really am.  I let go of the world of illusion and the limitation that the material world imposes on me in order to elevate my being toward the Eternal Light.  I see to improve myself as I explore the wonderful Being that I am.

Crossing Into the Light

Crossing into the Light



Each stage of my life is a new bridge to cross on my journey to inner transformation.  If I face a situation with anger and resistance, I will remain in place.  It is only through dealing with each situation positively that I will grow and evolve.  When I work with my inner Light and practice the Laws of universal love every day, I discover the true meaning of life.





The laws of Universal Love take root in my life.  Everything learned during my spiritual quest must now be applied.  The knowledge of the mind will be transformed into Life knowledge.  I radiate love at all times.  I overcome my ego, I allow Light to transform my heart and my thoughts, and I act in accordance with the will of God.

Never Alone


Never Alone


Regardless of the darkness around me, I maintain my bond with God and the angels.  This is the inner strength that allows me to go on.  I have faith that all things will fall into Divine order for my greatest benefit.  I ask the Universe for its guidance, and always receive its help and protection.  The sun will rise and shine for me.





If one door closes, another opens.  I trust the Universe, I trust myself and I trust life.  I have faith that something even better is coming.  I let go and reconnect with the flexibility that opens me to infinite possibilities.  I welcome, with humility and without judgment, all the doors that God opens before me.