Stand Tall and Strong


Stand tall and strong Mario Duguay



I do not allow myself to be carried away by negative thoughts.  I strive to be positive.  I face all of my challenges with strength and courage.  I will not be denied or turned away.  I live each moment in joy and peace and leave my future in God’s hands.  I believe in life because life believes in me.

2 thoughts on “Stand Tall and Strong

  1. Hi Tammy! I’ve been working to cultivate a more positive outlook this year by visiting and commenting on a positive blog every day, and this affirmation was just what I needed to read today! Thanks for being so kind and welcoming.


    • Hi Meg! That is great! Positive thoughts and actions bring peace and joy in every aspect of life! I am grateful for your visit. You are welcome anytime.
      Peace, love and blessings, Tammy


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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