It’s Not Personal




Here it is Monday and you may be feeling the agony of going to work and telling yourself that you can do it!  Yes, you can!  Life is blissful.  Look at this day and every day as a gift.  What is happening in your life is what you are bringing to your life.  So, choose happiness, choose kindness, choose love, choose generosity.  If at any time you find that your day is interrupted by someone or something that is causing you to change your positive attitude, don’t take it personal, it’s not you!

This is the card that I drew today from “Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards” by Sonia Choquette

To build up further immunity by negative vibrations and psychic attack, and elevate the degree of good vibrations coursing through your life, take nothing you encounter in your life personally.  As tempting as it may be to interpret negative behavior projected toward you as personal, it isn’t.  In fact, what other people feel or do has nothing to do with you:  It’s a reflection of their consciousness, not yours.  By choosing not to do this, you stay tuned in to what’s true and important to you.  Being impersonal doesn’t mean that you’re being unloving or unkind; it actually allows you to be more loving and tolerant toward those acting out because you’re not engaged in defending yourself against psychic attack.  It takes you to higher ground, and it is a powerful form of psychic protection, causing everything unpleasant to slide away rather than stick to your aura and ruin your good vibes.  

So remember, no matter how passionately you feel like defending yourself, let it go.  Relax and focus on your good vibes.


Have  a great day!  Peace, love, bliss.  Tammy

Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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