Love is for Everyone, Yes- Even You

The other night I watched the movie, “The Holiday.”  I know that the movie is a little old, but for me it was new.  Anyway, I liked it so much that I watched it about three more times.  Yes, I have that much time on my hands.  Each time I watched it, I caught something different than the time before.  I really related to the character of Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz.  Of course I am not nearly as beautiful as she, but her life in that movie was how I lived for a while. I  also relate to Iris, because I have that in me as well.    I realized that even though I push love away, there is love for me, I just have to let it happen.

Yes, I have had my share and then some of the jerks, leaches, liars, etc.  But who hasn’t?  You know how men go into their caves?  Well, women put up that protective shield, that no one can break, no matter how strong or sensitive they may seem to be.

So, in a way, seeing this movie has re-opened my eyes to life and how great it is to live and to have love.  Not only a man or woman in your life, but  a world of people who have love in their heart and want to share it with you.  Family, friends, or someone you just met.  Love is everywhere and it is truly for everyone, no matter who or where you are.

Be open to the possibilities and remember that you are worthy of love.  You will know in your heart when that special someone warms you up from the inside out!

The jerk scenario, who has been here?

The three musketeers

Love is beautiful


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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