It’s Woo-Woo Wonderful Windfall Wednesday


Wow that’s a lot of w’s.  So it is wonderful Wednesday and today has been a lucky one for me!  For starters, I am blessed to announce that a little windfall has come my way and will definitely be put to good use.  

The card that I pulled from the all guiding deck was the Woo-Woo is Wonderful card, so I have to say this has been the best Wednesday that I have had in a while.

Here is the meaning of the Woo-Woo is Wonderful card:

If you want to experience the joy of six-sensory living, you must completely accept your psychic sense as natural and necessary to living a divinely guided life.  Better yet, make it your first sense in terms of value to you.  See it as the most glorious part of you, a reflection of your Divine nature.  Birds have radar; whales have sonar; you have vibes.  It’s the Divine Plan.  In feeding and trusting your vibes, it’s important to realize that this heart based sense is actually the Universe knocking at your door, trying to make your life easier, more successful, and more delightful.  Accept that you are a fully operating, divinely guided, six-sensory being who is getting into the flow of higher vibrations, and simply enjoy the life of synchronicity and blessings, of wonder and beauty, that it brings.  Let your mantra be:  “Woo-Woo is where it’s at….for me!”



One thought on “It’s Woo-Woo Wonderful Windfall Wednesday

Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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