A Juicy Morning

photo from vegetarianspotlight.com


This morning I decided to make a fresh veggie juice using the organic Kale and cucumbers I am growing in my garden.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to drink the juice, that I forgot to take my own photo.  So, I thought this one was pretty appealing.

Now, I have to admit that normally I start off drinking water first, then coffee!   Yes, my name is Tammy and I am a coffee addict.  At least I admit it.  I really would like to stop drinking coffee, but sometimes I think I’m brainwashed.  Does anyone else feel that way?

If you really research, you will find that it is not the best thing for you in the morning.  When you choose to juice instead, it gives you more energy and is definitely healthier.

No, I am not perfect and by no means an expert.  I learn things as I go.

Today I am going to try to see how long I can last without coffee.   Hopefully, I’m stronger than I think.

That’s it for now.  May you all have a great Wednesday.



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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