The Versatile Blogger Award: Many Thanks to One Bridge of Hope

I am grateful and honored once again that this blog has been nominated for another award.    I would like to thank one of my friends in this blogging community One Bridge of Hope (, a mother and daughter team whose  belief is that we all have the power to be ourselves.

One of the rules upon acceptance of this award is to nominate 15 – amazing, awesome, brilliant, beautiful, caring, compassionate, delightful, energizing, (you get the point) blogs!

The nominees are:

1.  A Crafty Traveler

2.  Jazzy Beat Chick

3.  Deny Designs

4.  Meraki Inspiration Blog

5.  She is  not a poet 

6.  Jeff Moore-My Everyday Power

7.  The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally

8.  Picz Load

9.  Namaste Every Day

10.  219,000 Minutes of Emptiness

11.  365+

12.  A Lot on your Plate

13.    Careann’s Musings

14.  Enjoy My Adventure

15.  Claire Atkinson

If you would like to know about The Versatile Blogger Award, here is the link:

So, here are seven things about myself:  (If you laugh at some, that’s okay-laughter is good for the soul!)

1.  I like long walks and hate rude people.

2.  If I could marry ice cream, it would be Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

3.  I don’t eat animals.

4.  My dogs are my best friends.

5.  Love to help anyone I can.

6.  Creating art using recycled materials makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

7.  My parents are the best people I know.

****Bonus:  I am grateful and honored to be a part of this wonderful blogging community.  Everyone  is talented and I love that there is an abundance of diversity here.  Such a blessing! *****

I would like to thank One Bridge of Hope once again for this kind and gracious nomination!

Please take some time to check out the blogs that I have listed above.

Peace, love, blessings,