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If you are here, then I welcome you.  Maybe you were curious about the title of this blog, or are kind enough to read it.  Either way, I thank you.   Yesterday, I did a post titled “Accept the Gifts of the Universe.”  There were many people who read that and once again, I am grateful.  

Today’s post I believe is related to that.  This is also from the Guidebook for the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards.  It seems that the Universe is trying to tell me something and so I want to share it with you all.  It is also tickling my subconscious and making me stop and think.

So let’s take a moment to contemplate this:  We all feed our bodies, right?  But how often do we feed our spirit?  I don’t just mean going to church or spending a weekend at a spiritual retreat.  I am talking about spending time with your family, taking a walk on the beach, reading a book, etc.  Maybe you already feed your spirit in one of those ways, or some other fashion.  So, how do YOU feed your spirit?  

I can say that I like to spend time with my dogs, taking them for a ride is their adventure and makes me appreciate them and how loving they are to me.    Yoga is a big part of my life and love to reap the benefits.  Working on my art gives me a sense of peace and am grateful to be able to share it with the world.  Sitting in my yard, closing my eyes and smiling for all the things I have been blessed with in my life.  

I could go on, but enough about me, let’s get back to the point.  So, here is today’s reading interpretation:

Just as you feed your body, you must also feed your spirit.  It makes you stronger, energized and more powerful.  Most people are unaware of what feeds their spirit, but even if they know, they neglect to follow through.  Don’t be guilty of this.  Feeding your spirit comes from choosing experiences that empower you, and help you feel more authentic, spontaneous, and joyfully alive.  Your spirit’s food is personal; only you know what your spirit hungers for.  My spirit, for example, is fed by exercise, dancing, time with my children, good coffee, and walks with my husband.  What feeds another may be a run on the beach, cooking, singing, or sleeping on a down pillow.

Think about your spirit’s diet.  The more you feed it, the stronger it becomes.  And when your spirit is strong, your vibes are loud and clear.  Don’t be a psychic anorexic: Feed your spirit every day.



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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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