Don’t Crash Into Me at the Gas Pump



Never know what will happen while I am traveling on the road with people who are rushing to work, talking on the phone or putting on their face.  As I pulled up to the traffic light, I look to my right at the Sunoco gas station and see this red mini van crash into the PARKED car at the gas pump in front of it.   Immediately my mouth said “WOW”.  I am not sure what happened, but I came to one conclusion or maybe two.  The person in the mini van was in such a hurry that they forgot to put the van in park, or was on the cell phone and not paying attention.

I can say that it is the first time I have ever seen an accident at a gas station.  So, I guess I can cross that off my bucket list.  (Don’t get upset, thankfully no one was hurt, expect the owner of the van who paid a lot more for gas than expected).

We all have those times when there is something or many things on our mind and we fall out of focus of what is happening at the present moment.   Is it really that important to be doing other unnecessary tasks while driving a vehicle that weighs far more than we do?  Can’t that phone call wait?  Maybe get up a little earlier to put on your face ?

Every day there is a little more fear inside me when I have to be on the road.  Why is everyone in such a hurry?  Where are you really rushing to?  Life is too short already, would you please just SLOW down.

For all the ones who are in so much of a rush, think about this for a second:  When you head out for work and it is taking longer or not the time you wanted to leave, there may be a reason.  Let  it be and don’t stress because  those few extra minutes could prevent you from an accident.

A life is worth more than any material possession, and you can’t get a life back.

Peace, love and blessings to all!



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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