Day 22- Cellphone Suspension- How I Got it Back

The topic of this post will not be about a gift that I gave so much as the gift that I received. 

What I am about to tell you may be a shock to most of you, maybe not to those who are in my age bracket ( and no I am not revealing it, sorry).   The majority of the cellphone population are proud owners of the touch, iPhone, android, etc. (hopefully I typed those correctly).  This cellphone owner has a flip phone that was only $30 and service is $20 a month.  By now you are probably wondering, or not, who offers such a cheap rate?  I am about to reveal to you that my ancient form of service is Airlink. 

Now the story of the lovely suspension of service.  Every couple of days I check on the minutes I have available.  Yesterday, there were 383.  Today I woke up to “we’re sorry, but your service has been suspended!”  I was in shock!  See, Airlink’s service is a month to month.  They let you know when you have to add minutes, but what they don’t tell you is when YOU DON’T HAVE ANY!!!! 

So, as you may have figured out, this made me a little frustrated, because my phone was of no use to me: dead, dead, dead!

Told my boys (the dogs) to get in the truck, we are going for a ride.  It’s like telling children you’re going to Disney World. 

We arrive at the store, I go in, grab the Airlink minutes card and tell the lady behind the counter: “I need $20 on this please.”   While she is taking care of the transaction, I asked her if there is a pay phone in the area.   She looked at me and shook her head, then we made a joke: ” pay phone, what is that?”  Just as I was about to walk out of the store, she said: “you are welcome to use my phone.”   I said: “Really, that is so sweet, thank you.” 

In the few minutes it took to activate service, the whole time I was thinking how blessed I was to connect with lady who was nice enough to help someone in need.    It also confirmed my belief that whatever you put out into the world returns to you in some form or another.  Not saying that is the reason to share or give your kindness or love to another person. 

We are all connected in this life, and it is a joy and blessing to experience each day as a new beginning.

Peace and love to you all!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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