Smile- You Are Worth Seeing

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I saw this phrase  on a marquee  when I was taking my doggies for their daily ride.  Simple words, with a powerful message.   The day was kind of gloomy for me and when I saw this, my pout quickly changed to a smile.  Then  I thought, If I smiled, how many other people who saw this smiled too.   Imagine if that person turned to the person in the car next to them and smiled, and that person in that car smiled at the person in the next car, and so on and so on.  Pretty soon, you would have the whole world smiling.  How awesome would that be?

There are many people in the world who are struggling with life and it just takes a little compassion to let them know that they are WORTH SEEING.

Most of us have our daily routine and things are pretty good.  Family, job, house, a car, food on the table.  But then there are those who have maybe one of these, and some none at all.   Everyone in the world is important and worthy of love and acknowledgment.

Ever since I saw this little phrase: SMILE-YOU ARE WORTH SEEING,  was a reminder to me not only to smile more because I am worth seeing, but to smile at EVERYONE I see, because we are all beautiful and are worth SEEING.

So, if you see someone on the street that you normally may not  SEE, why not change that today and SMILE at them, you don’t know how a little thing like a SMILE can change someone’s day.

Sending a smile from me to you!

Have a beautiful day!

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