Let’s Hear it for the Fabulous and Fantastic Friday






So, here we are again,  FRIDAY!   That means it’s the beginning of the weekend.  Okay, who’s doing the happy dance?  What is it about Friday that get’s our heart pumping?  Maybe you could describe it as Disneyland for adults.  Think about it, what do most of us do on Friday?  We go out to T.G.I.Fridays or maybe Applebee’s or a concert, party, etc. and have some drinks, maybe engage in some dancing, letting go of all the stress and tension from the work week.

But, what if every day was Friday?  What would we do then?  Would every day be a party, or could we think of something else to do that was just as fun or maybe even more rewarding?

For example:

Married couples:  work, maybe have children, activities, responsibilities, etc. that need to be taken care of on a daily basis.  But the question is:  When was the last time you went on a date?  Made time just for yourself?  Took a vacation (even if it was in your own town).

Single people:  Those who are maybe out on Friday night looking for that special someone.  Yes, sometimes it happens, but maybe for all the wrong reasons. (I am by no means judging, but I can tell you from personal experience that it did not happen for me).  If you are a woman (especially), it is dangerous to go out alone.   There is always the nights that you can get your friends together, have some girl talk, some wine, and indulge in the sweet things , while remembering those experiences with men that were awful, but now maybe joking about it. ( Laughter is a great release and makes you feel better, besides your a special person and they never deserved you anyway).

A High School Reunion You Won’t Dread

Do it:  Facebook the high school boyfriend who ruthlesslessly broke your heart.  See that he’s chubby, balding and so not dreamy anymore and feel better about the world.  (Now give yourself a little reminder to always treat other people with kindness after this tiny little  schadenfreudefest.)  But do proceed with caution: If he has a supermodel wife this plan may backfire.  But, really, what are the chances?  He was a total creep.


If this was a Friday you were supposed to have plans with someone and they cancelled, do the 10-second happy dance!  Yes, that may sound crazy, but now you can do anything you want!

What about those who have nothing to do on Friday?  (Yes, I can include myself in this category).

Why not try some silly video clips on the web?  You should never feel guilty about watching random YouTube videos–they’re for stress relief, obviously.  Just Google these faves below, or go to LHJ.com/cheer up to watch them all.

Watch                                                          Because

Two Hamsters One Wheel                  We dare you not to laugh when this pint-sized team loses their rhythm and their workout goes completely astray.


Shark Cat on Roomba Chasing          Yup, it’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s so mesmerizingly funny you won’t even care.


Lip-Sync-Off with John Krasinski         Hilarious and charming: Jimmy Failon convinces the former Office star to lip-sync to Boyz II Men and Katy Perry.


When you come home to your dog after a long day, take a second to savor her absolute abandon and joy at seeing you.  (I love coming home to my two baby dogs, they are so glad to see me).


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Just some little tips to put a smile on your face and love in your heart.  Remember that you are fabulous and fantastic every day, not just on Friday!  Enjoy the weekend, have fun, and take care of YOU!