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April is almost over and I am so looking forward to May which is promising to be one exciting month!  The first long weekend of the summer, my birthday (wooooo), and the next 30 day challenge at the Moksha Yoga Danforth studio (this time with a twist)!

I last participated in the 30-day challenge in October of 2012.  The idea is to do 25 classes in the 30 days.  Some of those days can include practice at home, and last time around I counted a one day Vipassana course towards my goal as well.  I think my final count for that month was 22 days of practice of some kind.  In the month of May, the challenge is also coupled with the Moksha Yoga worldwide initiative called Grow Your Yoga.  I will let “Woody” explain it further…

The month is also split into four one-week mini challenges that help extend…

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