Take a Brake Before the Lights Burn Out

images (52)It’s Sunday morning-  a day of rest and relaxation.  But first I would like to take a moment and break the word Sunday down  into two words: Sun- the sun is shining, enjoy it every moment it is smiling at you.  When it brings warmth to your skin and nourishing vitamins to your body. (Remember: too much sun can be harmful).  Day- Savor each and every day like it is a precious gift,  because it is.

So, let’s move on to the scene where I am taking the boys (my doggies) for their morning adventure.  As I am driving along one of the neighborhood streets, I notice in my rear view that there is that car with the lights on top, you know the one.  I turn to head toward my local coffee stop, and this car did the same.  So, I smiled and thought to myself, maybe they are going to get coffee too.   No such luck ,the blue lights came on and was now on the side of the road  filled with anxiety as to why I was here.

I am really nervous  now as I see him walk toward the vehicle.   It wasn’t the typical question: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  It was:  “the reason I pulled you over was because both of your brake lights are out.  I was so not aware of this and wondered how long they were not working.  So, of course I had to give my license and registration to him ( mind you while my hands were shaking).   He said: “sit tight, I’ll be right back.”

As I was waiting, getting warmer by the minute, the dogs panting profusely, another blue light car pulled up.  I was the highlight of the morning.  Funny, I didn’t feel too much like a celebrity.

So, the two of them carried on a conversation while we are sweating.  I was really ready to go, but what can you do.  My mind was on that coffee, it was just taking longer to get it.

The uniformed man came back to the window, gave me the license and registration back along with a postcard to fill out within 72 hours to get the brake lights fixed.  No ticket and for that I was grateful.

I did ask if I could still go for coffee.  The reply was:  “you can, just be careful, I wouldn’t want anyone to crash into you.”  How sympathetic was that.

So, the question I had:  “If I do, will I get pulled over again?”

“Probably, but just show that card and you should be fine.”

He stayed at the window for a few more minutes to acknowledge my doggies and then we went our separate ways.

I have to say I wasn’t too keen on getting pulled over.  On the flip side, I was grateful  that it happened, because I don’t know how long it would of been before I realized it or someone else told me.   This experience has taught me to be mindful of everything, even the little things that we sometimes forget.

Always remember there is a light in every situation, even if you don’t see it.


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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