Give thanks for this day and everyday! A beautiful post I wanted to share. May you all have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. Tammy

wrapped up in happiness:

I’m writing this post as we head to Oklahoma for the holiday. With the season of thanks, giving, and celebration upon us, I figured I’d write a post dedicated to this holiday and those sentiments. Though the history of Thanksgiving can be argued, and though I think any day of the year is a time to be thankful, it is nice to have a day where we’re reminded to recognize the moments and people in our lives for which we should give thanks. Here are 5 easy, economical, and personal ways you can show your loved ones how thankful you are for them, during this season and any other.

1. Send a simple handwritten note. Though snail mail isn’t as popular anymore, some people (myself included) still love the tangible feel and handwritten love of a card or note. Make your own card or thank you note and mail it…

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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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