This post brings a powerful message for peace and love for all! Please share! Peace and love,

Professions for PEACE

Bob Marley (February 6, 1945 ~ May 11, 1981) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician, and was the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for Bob Marley and The Wailers from 1963 to 1981.

There is something about Bob Marley that touches us regardless of our musical tastes. At least I have seen that effect. People I have introduced to his music, no matter what their preferred genre of music, always come back to express their enjoyment of his music. I have a poetic heart and I hear lyrics before music. Next I feel music in a way that has nothing to do with genre. When we hear the energy of a song that vibrates love, whether in words or music, we are attracted to it.  I feel that way about Bob Marley’s music. Thankfully I discovered him in my teens (longer ago than I care to admit). And beyond my parent’s…

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  1. There certainly is something about Bob … I just had a conversation with a friend about what it was exactly that made people all around the world connect with him and his music. We came to the same conclusion as you – its all about peace. And freedom. Those fundamental things that every person longs to have.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂



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