The Side Effects of Being Bitten by the Moody Bug

The Moody Bug, a sneaky little insect-never seen with the human eye.  It seeks out anyone it can, no particular qualifications necessary.  It’s bite is equal to  an itch, so you could be bit thinking that it was a mosquito or maybe an ant.  Does not matter what time of year.  Whenever it feels the need to feed, the desire becomes stronger.  This bug will do anything and everything to drain the body of every happy thought or emotion.

Unfortunately, the “moody bug” attacked me  two weeks ago.  The time span is different for everyone, could be a day, a week, a month, who knows and no one has yet to discover the cause.

Along with the bite, you may experience changes in yourself and your body.  Again, whatever the effects, they will be slightly different for each personality and body type.

Just to give you a description of how I am on an everyday basis:  happy, funny, sometimes sing, love life and share happiness with anyone in the vicinity.  Oh, and occasionally a goofball.

Once this bug attacked, that all changed.  The alteration happened instantly.  No energy.  Spurts of laying in bed and just crying uncontrollably.  No wish to talk with anyone and isolated myself, with no intention of even going out in my yard.    There would be brief moments of happiness, but quickly went back to depression.  It was as if I kept getting bitten, but I could not feel anything.

It is week number three and I have slightly recovered, but still don’t feel that I’ve regained my whole self.  This has never happened before in my life and everyday the “why” question still floats around in my head, feeling that it will never be answered.

The following is just some of the things I used to do before I got infected:

1.  Went to visit the church where I spent most of my time and to see all my friends(most of which became family).

2.  The creative side of me started to blossom, so I just let it flow.

3.  Read books on inspiration and self-healing.  One that is great is “Glimpses of God” by Scott Walker.

4.  Spent some time with my mom who I don’t see that often.

5.  Used my dogs as an emotional release by hugging them a lot!

6.  Repeated to myself that I am loved and told this to go away, I want me back.

So, if you have ever been bitten by this Moody Bug, and need some support to get YOU back, I will do anything I can to help.  These weeks were not fun and I would not want it to happen to anyone.

Remember, if you think you have an itch, it may be  a mosquito, or maybe the Moody Bug.  Beware of the side effects!


7 thoughts on “The Side Effects of Being Bitten by the Moody Bug

  1. When I get hit by the moody bug, I make sure to do some sort of exercise every day – even if it is just some gentle yoga. I also support my body by eating really healthy and nourishing foods, because my previous strategy of wallowing in junk food only made things worse. And then, even though I don’t feel like it, I seek out the support of close friends, especially the ones who will come to my messy apartment and just sit with me. I hope you are back to your happy, healthy self soon! Sending healing thoughts…


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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