The Well Died and Water’s Eyes are Dry

“You have no water” my mother  had told me on Wednesday night.   A shock to one’s system when water is available to us everyday, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Funny how we just go about our lives and can get so involved with going here, getting this or that finished, paying bills, etc. , not ever thinking that something so vital could be gone like the snap of a finger.

By now you may ask the question: “how did it happen?”  Let’s just say that water for my house was provided by a well.  Water was available for my house as well as two others.  For many years this mechanical beauty has provided a service and now her time had expired.  She was tired and could not keep up the pace any longer.

When I first heard that there was no water and probably would not be fixed for a couple of weeks, I had a feeling of aggravation.  But after the shock wore off and I sat there for a moment to take it in, I began to think how blessed I was to even have the luxury of water.  Yes,  I am referring to water as a luxury because my mind pictured all the people in the world who have a limited supply of water and those who don’t have water at all.

So, I decided to embrace this as a life experience and not as a tragedy.  When you really take a step back and see how rich you are (not in the material aspect), but for life’s little blessings, the love and happiness from within shines out.   I was on a stay here retreat of surviving with natural resources and thankful for the opportunity.

The  length of my retreat was only four days, but the knowledge I gained will be with me a lifetime.

May your day be blessed and peaceful!

When those things in life seem to have you frustrated or stressed, just remember how blessed you are to  experience them.


2 thoughts on “The Well Died and Water’s Eyes are Dry

Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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