This One is for the Mother’s……Mother’s Day that is

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and as a mother myself it is a great honor to remember how thankful I am to be a mom.  There are some mom’s out there who work hard, not just at a job, but at home-cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children.  Some may have that dream their husbands would just help once in a while.

I was reading Working Mother magazine and on the very last page I saw a little blurb titled: “the last word- What I want (to give up) for Mother’s Day…”  The five suggestions listed below were interesting and could work.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I.

1.  I want our husbands/significant others to celebrate Mother’s Day 2012 by permanently taking equal responsibility for the house being acceptably clean and organized.  It’s not just our house; it’s also their house.  We working moms are ready to give up 50 percent of the housework and 50 percent of the “messy house guilt” to our partners.  Please take this gift!

2.  I want our companies to celebrate Mother’s Day by offering us the tough assignments that come with the big money.  We working moms work like crazy at our jobs, and we now want to give up doing the work without the money and promotion because someone believes we don’t/won’t/can’t want them.  Give us the chance to say yes or  no.

3.  I want our bosses and peers to stop doubting us because we leave at 5:15 to pick up our kids from day care three days a week.  Working mothers go online at 9 p.m. to complete tasks, we sacrifice school plays when that’s the right choice; and we are the most focused, efficient employees you’ll ever meet.  Please give up “face time” as a measure of our commitment.

4.  I want our schools to celebrate Mother’s Day by acknowledging that most of their “customers” are working parents who desperately want to be involved in their children’s schools.  We’ll gladly give up our evening time if you’ll schedule meetings and activities when we can be there!

5.  I want my children to celebrate Mother’s Day by making macaroni necklaces for me.  I won’t give up on that!  Actually, since my children are 25 and 22, I’ll settle for two nice Hallmark cards.

This “last word” provided by Carol Evans, President of Working Mother Media.


2 thoughts on “This One is for the Mother’s……Mother’s Day that is

  1. All good suggestions above! My pet peeve was no. 4 and schools – they keep preaching that parents should be more involved with their children and schooling, but I reminded them that not all parents were stay-at-home moms or dads. And some parents have to take time off from work (and not get paid) if they have to attend school functions during the day! oh my … sounds like it’s still a pet peeve of mine! LOL !! thanks for visiting and liking my blog-post!


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