Life’s Priceless Memories

When I started with WordPress, I really had no clue how to build a blog, or for that matter anything about blogging.  As all of you know, the more time and practice you put into the project you are working on, you learn from your errors , through which skill and experience blossom.  There have been many times I was ready to pack it in and give up on the blogging scene.   After the ups and downs, walking away from the computer and some days frustrated with myself, I decided to stay and I am grateful.

I don’t really recall how long I have had this blog and that is not the point of this post.  About a week ago, I was reading my comments and to my surprise found out that  Mars  had nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award.    She has such a great heart and a wonderful blog.  You can visit her here:

So, upon accepting this great honor, I would like to share the blogs that have inspired me, made me laugh, opened my heart and ones that just spoke to me on a particular day.  Hope you will enjoy them too!


Nick Exposed

megan unedited

A Traveller’s Tale

Goss Coaching

A Girl Can Dream, Right?

Live for Today

and we all know frogs


Missus Layam

Life’s Journey

free the bird

Sincerely, Your Neighbor

Life is a moment

Love 2 Type

I want to also thank everyone who has visited, subscribed and followed!  The blogging community has been a blessing to me and the many connections I have built with people from around the world!  It’s not just another place to type, it is a way to come together and if I can say you all are like family!

So, on to the second  contribution that is part of the acceptance.  Revealing seven things about myself!  I don’t know if you are ready, I mean it might be too much for you seeing that my life is so exciting!  Ha ha!  Well, here it is anyway, maybe it will make you laugh!

1.  I hate cellphones!!!

2. I have a craving for sour cream and vinegar for dipping bread.

3.  I love, love, love Ben & Jerry’s cherry Garcia ice cream!

4.  I am a Bingo fanatic!

5.  Have a passion to capture life through my second eyes (my camera).

6.  I like to wave at people who are riding my tail end while driving!  ( some people really hate that!)

7.  My only hope of marriage was shattered the day that Jake Owen proposed to his girlfriend!

I want to again thank Mars for this gift and may you all have a peaceful and joyous weekend!


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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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