A Sun Shiny Yoga Fest Sunday

This is a particularly exciting day, at least for me!  The first Yoga Festival in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Also the first time that I will be exposing my art to the community.  Excited and somewhat nervous.

I send my gratitude to Down To Earth Yoga for opening up their heart and booth space to display the art.

So, let’s move on to the focus of this day.  The event took place at the Civic Center where local artists, businesses and yoga instructors gathered together outside surrounding the fountain area.  (The specific fountain area is fairly vast and  in the center of the front of the building, temporarily off).

As I walked onto the grounds, I noticed everyone was setting up and preparing so they would be ready by 10:00.

I helped Down To Earth set up their booth and then placed my art in its space.  We finished early, so I walked around a bit to take a quick glance at everyone who was gathered here.  There was a variety for all, from purses to homemade soaps and oils, bags for yoga mats, henna tattoos, homemade chocolates, Pampered Chef, the list goes on and on.

There were some particularly beautiful people who really touched my heart.  Party Lite was one and all the women who were representing just had a glow and warmth that was inviting.  If you have never heard of Party Lite, they sell candles and create beautiful centerpieces and other items along that line.   But it wasn’t just that, on the other side they started “Love Your Neighbor”, an organization to spread love all over St. Lucie County.  Plain and simple, neighbors helping neighbors.  Every month they strive to serve families with hardships.  In simple, yet loving ways they bless families by donating clothing, food, household items, and/or gift cards.  Their mission is to show folks in the community that they care about them and their lives.  Give them hope.  A beacon of light in a time when many neighbors are losing jobs, homes, loved ones, and health.   When I heard about this awesome organization, the question popped in my head: “What if all communities worldwide did this?”  What a huge blessing!

Now we come to the second beautiful spirit which was Nicole!  She and Dottie accompanied the booth directly behind us which displayed Akea Essentials.  Akea Essentials is pure whole food power of the World’s Longevity Hot Spots.  There are over thirty organic superfoods, probiotics, enzymes and minerals….recipe for Hot Spot Health!  Akea’s mission is to have a profound, positive impact on your health, the health of your family and the health of your community by helping you easily incorporate the principles of the world’s healthiest people into your lifestyle.  Nicole was nice enough to give me a sample of the whole food supplement, which is in powder form that you can mix with water, coconut water or breakfast smoothie.  I decided to mix it with coconut water and it was a clean and energizing way to start the day! www.organicgirl.akealife.com

Wait, there’s more!  Nicole had let me know she liked a particular piece of my art.  She also had some jewelry pieces she made, one of them were crafted out of a spiral notebook wire, made into a heart shape.  At first, I negotiated a price, but then she replied: “want to barter?”  I said: “sure!”  I was grateful to have met Nicole and to own some of her beautiful work.  In addition to those two areas, she has opened the Treasure Coast Reuse Center, which I think is great!  A beautiful woman inside and out!

Yoga classes were about to begin, which were being held in the grass.  There were a variety of instructors who shared mediation, breathing techniques, hot yoga, anusara and power yoga.  All the classes were free and everyone joined, even the kids!

It is now 2:00, time to shut down and head home.  One last announcement from the woman who put the event together, thanked everyone for coming and what a great turnout.

I was noticing that everyone started to rush to get things put away and to their vehicles, thinking why?  Someone told me that the huge fountain I talked about earlier came on at 3:00 and the water spray was wide enough to give us all a bath and then some!  To many pictures in my head to explain.

A great event for everyone to come together and share their gifts.  Most of all to have fun!


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