Excuse Me-Can you please help….

As I was driving home from work, I decided to visit Redbox for my evening entertainment.  For the movie buffs out there, I am sure you are well aware that Redbox is the cheapest way to rent a movie.  I mean you can’t even walk into the movie theater for $1.00.  Let’s think about the comparison:  one movie for $20 or more versus twenty movies for twenty dollars!  Which one would you pick?

Anyway, the Redbox location that I happened to be drawn to was at Walgreen’s (and the site is outside).  This particular Walgreen’s occasionally has people hanging out around the building (mostly men) that are either waiting for their wives, some may need a helping hand, and then those that are looking for more.  So, being a single lady you have to be cautious and aware of your environment.

It seemed like forever until I could find a movie that stoked my interest.  I surfed for a little while and finally just picked one “New Dawn.”

I did not notice (or was not paying attention) to see if there was anyone behind or beside me.  Sometimes I do that forgetting that I am alone.  I still have that little trust bug inside that all people are good and nothing bad will happen.  I believe in hearts because that is where the truth lies.  After I swiped the card, I took the movie and walked to my car.

I barely closed the door when this man suddenly appeared in front of my vehicle saying: “Excuse me, can you please help me?”

Even though I was alone, this man did not give me an anxiety feeling or that he was looking to harm me in any way.

He had a piece of paper in his hand, which he explained to me was a prescription for medication to relieve pain from surgery he had on his mouth.  The man seemed to be in distress and was trying to get the money to fill the prescription and he just needed a few more dollars.  I listened to his plea, told him to wait a few minutes as I closed the door.  He waited on the sidewalk in front of my vehicle.

As I opened the door to give the man the little he was asking, he said “God Bless You” and was on his way.

Now, I don’t know why the man decided to come to me, because there were others walking into Walgreens.  Although at that moment, it seemed like it was only us two.    The particular connection is not for me to explain or to figure out why it was supposed to be, only that it happened.

The opportunity to give comes to us in many forms and does not discriminate.  Opening your heart can present us with the chance to love everyone. regardless of the situation.

Peace and love to you all!



8 thoughts on “Excuse Me-Can you please help….

  1. Discernment, possibly “divine discernment” is a strange & heartwarming thing when it works out the way it should. My son & I were walking out of Home Depot, a few yards behind my husband when we saw him open his wallet & hand a bill to a man in a beat up car. We were laughing, hoping he wasn’t sucker-punched again….guy drove off & husband explained that guy was desperate to get home–had no gas ETC so he gave him $10 bucks. Big deal we all laughed…..UNTIL my son spotted the car in a White Castle drive-thru. Oh well…he’s hungry, we thought. But my husband drove up to the car & called him on it…guy pulls out of lane & heads in the direction of the drug part of town–in opposite direction of his “home” he was desperate to reach. I guess you just never know & always need to use your head & be open to divine intension.


  2. Ahhh, Tammy, what you get at here are the everyday ways we can SEE/notice where there is an opportunity for kindness– well, really, more like it…to see our daily “doings” through the eyes of compassion — and this compassion just spills out into our world in opportune times. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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