First Day of the Power of Kindness Class- Glad you are attending!

I would first like to say Happy Easter to everyone!  Wishing you the best of all good things and may your day be peaceful and blessed!

This day as in every day is one of beauty and wonder as we live on this earth.  This morning there was a sunrise service at Unity Church and it was the most amazing Easter Sunday I have ever experienced.  The service was held out in the garden as all gathered around the flowers, trees and just breathed in the essence of Mother Earth.  There was music that flowed through the ceremony, but also an extra melody from the birds encompassing the sky over head.  They wanted to be a part of the enjoyment  and they were.  What more could you ever ask for?  Love is everywhere, in all beings and all things for us to take in and enjoy!  We all have divine love within us to share with everyone and what a precious gift to be able to share!

For those who may have read the post about the “Power of Kindness” class will know that this is the first day to begin learning about how to bring more kindness to yourself and others.   If you are reading this and were not aware, for that I apologize, but you can still take part.  This is for anyone and everyone in the world who would like to join.  The class is FREE!  For information on the class you can go to .  To get a copy of the book: “The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferruci”  the link is:

For the first day’s module, there are three themes:

1. do something kind for yourself.

2. do something kind for a good friend.

3. do something kind for a stranger.

The theme’s are explained in detail on the site:

You can choose one of the theme’s or if you like all three!  Maybe you will find yourself doing them without even knowing.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

For me personally, I chose the first one.  The path that I am on at this moment is one of many goals that I think need to be hurried to meet.  That thought was in my head until yesterday when I participated in a silent retreat at Unity.  For those who have never experienced a silent retreat, I have to say that it is worth the experience, even if you just try it once in your life.  Here is  a brief description of what the day was like:(I will do my best to make it as brief as possible).  It is an all day event which starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.   First thing is putting everything away, turning off cell phones and placing purses and shoes under in the area where you will sit.

10:30- 11:00 a.m. Qi Gong

11:00-11:30- sitting meditation

11:30-12:00 walking meditation-outside in the garden

12:00-12:30 sitting meditation (Affirmative Mantra Meditation)

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:30-2:00 Qi Gong

2:00-2:30 Sitting Meditation(chanting)

2:30-3:00 Walking Meditation

3:00-3:30 Tea Ceremony

3:30-4:00 scriptural meditation

4:00-4:30 closing ceremony

This whole day you were silent which gives you a chance to slow down, come and see inside your true being and breathe in everything around you with a different perspective.

When I first arrived, my mind was trying to talk me out of being there, but after I really tuned into my breath, closed my eyes and just let it be and not listen to my mind, I was free and relaxed!  It was as if a huge weight was lifted from my whole body and I was light, with nothing to do and was not worried about anything!

After coming home, I still was in a free state of mind and wanted to stay silent.  It was nice and refreshing.

So many of us rush around in our lives thinking that is what we are supposed to do, not taking that much time for love and devotion to our own selves.  Loving yourself is necessary.  You are worthy of love and slowing down from time to time can be an awakening within yourself.  For me, I came to appreciate life more, looking at the environment around me in a happier and more open way.

Today the kindness to myself is to just rest, relax and be kind to my body.  Rejuvenation is energizing for the mind, body and spirit!

Much peace, love and happiness to you all!



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