Sending Personal Gratitude to All Bloggers: Viewers and Followers

Today I would like to dedicate this post to those bloggers who have stopped by this blog and for the ones who have for some reason of their own decided to stick by this Florida woman through good and bad postings.  Not to mention how grateful I am for all of you who have given advice, left beautiful comments and shared your blog with me so I could follow yours.

There are infinite blogs in this Word Press community, and all have their own unique and special style.  I think that it is a beautiful way to connect with everyone.  A chance to see a little of people’s personality shine in their creativity, not only from the outside, but those little glimpses of them from within.

I have only been in the blogging world a short time and have learned so much and continue to learn new things every day.

The list of blogs that I follow is quite extensive and I would list them here, but I would run out of room!

It is great to be able to come to this particular place and be able to read blogs that relate to your daily mood or ones that make you stop and think about that one thing you usually would never consider.

There are blogs that inspire, make you smile or laugh, ones that stand out from the rest and then the artsy kind.  It is unbelievable how many artists span this earth, and every time I come here and view a painting, sculpture or drawing, I feel like a little child getting a new toy!

So, before you start yawning and say when is she going to stop.  I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU for all of you and for sharing  a part of you, not just with me, but with the world.

Peace and love,

Much peace and joy for the weekend!



6 thoughts on “Sending Personal Gratitude to All Bloggers: Viewers and Followers

  1. The blogging community is a wonderful and diverse group of support. We all need a little support from time to time and without knowing it help someone else! I love to receive likes and comments…it lets me be part of something bigger. Have a great day!
    Peach State


  2. Thank you for writing this! Recently I’ve been venturing out beyond my own blog and reading other writer’s works and everything you’ve written is true. Looking forward to more of your work, I’ll be following you for future posts.


    • It was my pleasure to post it! We are all connected on this earth and here to bring peace and love to all! I appreciate your kind words and want to thank you for following!
      I am now following yours.
      Peace and love,


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