Kreativ Blog Award

I would like to thank Souldoula, the beautiful person at soul-in-progress   for nominating me for the Kreativ Blog Award.  When I first found out, I was speechless and honored.   Even though I am truly grateful for this award, I have to send out thanks to the blogging community, because without all of you, this would not be possible.

As with any award that is received, there are also some duties that need to be completed.  1.  Nominate 7 blogs that you love.  2. Reveal 7 things about yourself.

The seven blogs are listed below, hope you enjoy them as much as I have

Nadine Galinsky Feldman, Author

Blue Line

Edilio Ciclostile

Goss Coaching

GYA today

Make Believe Boutique

I Know I Made You Smile

So, now the moment where I reveal seven things about myself: I was born with club feet, love to create art, passion for helping others, used to be a heavy drinker, like to play bingo (yes, I admit it!), addicted to McDonald’s mocha frappe, love to photograph life!

I have to once again express my gratitude for this nomination and you all are beautiful and talented!


2 thoughts on “Kreativ Blog Award

  1. Thank you very much for Kreative Blogger Award. Most key bloggers I follow have received it or don’t accept but lemme see if I can come up with 7 things. 1. Born Staten Island, NY and lived in Miami since I was 5(I am 62 now). 2 High school history teacher 33 years.3 I have 30ish son and daughter.4. Three grandchildren and two step grandkids 5. Dutch Chocolate ice cream and mushroom and black olive pizza 6. Favorite history eras: early Christian Rome, Elizabethan England, Puritan Massachusetts. 7. Life style – live never to be the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass up the opportunity to perform a charitable act.

    Thank you Serene One. I have posted here as I am not skilled enough with text on my blog as most material is scanned and posted as jpeg


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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