Edamame: To Shell or Not to Shell

Tuesdays have become date night with my parents.  We take turns with making dinner, but for the last couple of weeks, my mom has supplied the eats!  Now, I am definitely not complaining because whatever she makes is always a treat for the palette.

The meal included homemade macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, baby brussel sprouts and edamame.  For those who do not recognize the name, these are like snow peas.  The company who produces edamame is PictSweet which is based in Bells, Tennessee.

The packaging is microwavable, so we read the instructions on how to prepare these cute little pea pods.  Below is a photo of the cooking directions, notice the writing in blue!

I see that it may be difficult to see what it says, so here it is:


Yes, I can read and I understand that you are not to eat the pods!  Just to let you know that you don’t shell these before you heat them, it is once they are heated and you are ready to eat them, that is when you have to shell.  At this point, the question running around in my head is why can’t they make these without the shell?  It’s just the curious side of me.

My mother said that these were a new item and she only paid .98 cents.  Well, being the humorous person I replied with: “that’s why you have to shell them yourself, so we can keep labor costs down!”

Despite having to work for eat these green babies, they were actually pretty tasty!

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I am going to write a letter to PictSweet and ask about an alternative method of packaging.  I will let you know how it turns out….maybe free coupons, or perhaps nothing at all, who knows!

If anyone would like to try these, they are available at Wal-Mart.

Don’t forget to eat your greens!


4 thoughts on “Edamame: To Shell or Not to Shell

  1. You can buy shelled edamame too! I usually get mine at Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods. If you’re steaming them they definitely taste better steamed shell on and then eaten. If you try to re-steam (the shelled ones are usually pre-steamed/cooked) they can get mushy. 🙂


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