Light Prevails Even When Darkness Thinks its Winning

She slowly walks in the back door of the restaurant to get a preview of the climate surroundings, gently closing the screen door behind, not letting anyone know of her presence.  Even though the noise was minimal, the men’s radar was awake.  The heads all tipped to see who was coming.  This particular day the woman was in the mood for a strawberry shake and tried to hide it from the rest so no one would ask why they did not have one too.  Usually that question came from at least one of their lips, but not today.  Not one person said a word.  It was like their mouths were sewed shut!

The climate report was clear:  dark and gloomy with a good chance of thunderstorms.  Even though the environment was dismal,  that did not stop the woman from saying hello.  Some were responsive while others acted like they were not able to hear.  She did not let that ruin her happy state just because they were miserable.

The last stage of the walk ended with the main arena of the restaurant, the hostess/dining section.  She greeted the servers and again noticed the faces were filled with frowns.  She did not say anything, but the thoughts were turning in her mind of trying to put the pieces together in this silent, moody picture.

With a smile on her face, she decided just to go about her business and check the counter for supplies that needed  stocking.  Plastic wear, straws, napkins, etc.  The other task  is to clean and disinfect the counter space: phone, register, counter top.  Now she is ready to begin her shift.

A few feet away she hears the servers talking quietly among themselves about how the boss came in with a grumpy mentality, but no one knows the reason.  More days than not, this is the dark cloud that hovers over him never wanting to let any happiness enter his body.  So now there was the first piece of the picture.  It seems like he is always the star of the show, but nobody else  wants to take part in  the movie.

As the night progressed, the thunderstorms started to hit.  The restaurant was beginning to fill up, which made the boss’s grumpy mentality turn into one of verbal lashings on the staff.  The picture she paints in her head is one that brings her back to childhood and getting yelled at, even though she did nothing wrong.  Of course this behavior caused everyone to be tense and brought lips to tighten creating a unattrative display for the patrons.

This was making the woman sad, so she decided to talk with them and try to help calm  their souls with some words of encouragement.  ” Don’t let this get you down.”  “It is not worth it and will not benefit you or the customers.”  “Take a deep breath and just let it roll off.”  These little words seemed to relieve some of the tension, but still was not gone.  She continued to speak to them throughout the night and suddenly there were smiles.  The atmosphere in the dining area became light and inviting.

In the kitchen area she could hear laughter!  Comments were made that there was not to be any fun at work, write a ticket and hang it up.  Now this laughter and fun time only happened while the boss was talking to customers.  As soon as he came back into the kitchen, the silence came back.   She was saying to herself, the best parts of this picture were the laughter scenes.

In the end, darkness may try to invade the situation, but there is always a light around that will never burn out!


4 thoughts on “Light Prevails Even When Darkness Thinks its Winning

  1. Wonderful post. We have no idea how powerful we are. When we spread love and happiness as we go, we leave a path of light to help others. Thank you for a well penned reminder of this. hugs, pat


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