Breathing Into Spring…the Sweet Water of Life

It’s the second day of Spring and yesterday it was sunny and beautiful.  Today it is cloudy and the wind is sharing its freedom of expression.  I love when there is a change in season, especially spring because it brings a new and fresh awakening to life and to ourselves.   There are many aspects of how one will create and live out their new season.  Some of us will clean out all the old clothes, or get rid of stuff we are no longer using or for that matter really need, hence the term “Spring Cleaning.”

But what about cleansing our mind, body and spirit.  How can we bring more love, peace and compassion to ourselves and share it with others?  There is so much joy and beauty on this earth that we can not only see every day, but have the opportunity to really enjoy and be thankful.  You may want to try something new that you have thought about for some time, but just keep saying to yourself: ” Maybe tomorrow.”  Every day is a new experience, and if you have a passion for something, just do it!   Perhaps there are steps you would like to fulfill to make this possible.

You could pick a peaceful place to just take some time to be alone, close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air, while letting the sounds of nature sink into your being.  Imagine what that would feel like to just be there, with your eyes closed, but open to your environment.  Are you there yet?

Release everything that has already happened that may have brought stress, unhappiness or sadness to your life.  Move forward and let all  the love and positivity be drawn to you.  You are worthy of happiness, peace and love.

Inspiring others will bring forth your inspiration and will also liven your spirit!  I think bringing encouragement to others, not only benefits them, but you as well.  Raise the compassion frequency!

Nourish yourself by opening your heart to all!  It does the heart good when you share your love and compassion with all who you meet in life.  We may have only one heart, but all of them are connected.

Grow from within, watering the seed of your being so it may blossom for the world to see.  Keep grounded and surround yourself with positivity and love.  Is there something new you would like to learn?  Why not seek and satisfy your curiosity?  You have the power within you for all that is good.  Each of us has a unique talent and gift that we can share.  Put some spring into your step and move into a new adventure!

Peace and love to all!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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