The Gloomy and Rainy Atmosphere Temporarily Altered the Human Condition

As I woke up this morning, I heard the pattering of raindrops on my roof.  Actually  the droplets were dancing from a soft beat and shifting to a faster tempo.  Every time it rains in Florida the rhythm is always different, which is a nice variety for the mind.

There are many times when it rains that I love to close my eyes and just listen to every little rain beat ( I like to think of it as mediation for the soul.)  Thinking of how soothing it would be to just relax and let the rain wash your body, still with your eyes closed.  Letting yourself drift away to that one spot you go to rest and relax ( maybe it’s a far away island, the beach, or just someplace where it’s quiet.)

This particular  day of showery weather did not bring that kind of sensation to my body and especially not to my mind.  It was as if  I was in the middle of a tornado and could feel the anger building.  What was shocking to me is there was not reason for such madness.

As I am typing this post, I had a flashback to how my morning started.  Usually, my day would begin at 5:00 a.m., but this particular morning, I did not wake up until 7:00 a.m.  On one hand my body obviously needed the rest, but on the flip side the mad part of me came to the surface, frustrated with myself as that little voice in my head was saying: “I can’t believe you slept this long.”  Automatically my mind set was on the negative and feeling guilty for messing up.

I walked around the house for a while, still in an aggravated state, looking at my dogs saying “why did you let me sleep?”  (Just so you know, I did not yell at them, even though I was mad).   If anyone has dogs, you know how they look at you with their sad and cute eyes, wishing they could talk to you.

After about an hour of being a mad bundle of yuckiness, the calm and logical side finally took the lead and said” Is this how you want to spend your day?”  “Do you think being in this kind of mood will benefit anyone, especially yourself?”  Along with these questions came the answers as well as remembering that I am loved and I like to be happy.  I love life!   So, I then changed my attitude to one of  higher spirits, which started with smiling to raise up the happy juices.   From there it was sunny skies for the rest of the day!

One of the uplifting mantras came to my lips” Life is sweet enough, I am the sweetness.”  This little sentence is wrapped with a great message for all.  Life is a gift that we all should treasure.  We are all the sweetness, the sweetness of love, kindness and compassion inside that we can share with others.  You are perfect just as you are, there is no need to change a thing.

Once I brought all these positive thoughts inside, the day was much brighter, even though it was still dark and rainy.

I learned a lesson from this gloomy day, that just because the sun is not shining does not mean that you cannot shine!

We all have temporary moments that bring us sadness or aggravation, but they don’t have to take over how we will spend our days!

May you all have a peaceful and joyous day!


2 thoughts on “The Gloomy and Rainy Atmosphere Temporarily Altered the Human Condition

  1. “So, I then changed my attitude to one of higher spirits, which started with smiling to raise up the happy juices.” This truly is the secret to happiness. Great post!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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