Two People…One Line…Two Dollars

The routine drive to work has for the last two days included stopping at Hess to buy lottery tickets, specifically Cash 3 in hopes that maybe a windfall will come my way.  Well, as any of you out there who do any kind of gambling, you know that the chance in your favor can be like a see saw, one week up, the next down.  That is the chance you take when you take part in any kind of ways to expand your flow of the green.

As I made my way into the store, I noticed a gentleman at the register with his two bags of goodies, finalizing his purchase.  I silently moved my view to one side and noticed that he was paying with coins.  The cashier was patiently counting out the amount.  The large collection of change did not meet his grand total.  She proceeded to tell him that he still owed two dollars.

While I was standing there, my eyes had the opportunity to really see this man.  He was not a young man in the physical aspect, but as he reached in his back pocket to get his wallet, his eyes circled around and met mine.  The connection was only a few seconds, but it was long enough to see that his mind was somewhere other than the present moment in the store.  For the few moments that the gentleman and I were in that line, I took the time to put myself where he was for that instant.  Curious to know who he was and when I reached that stage of maturity, how would I be, would my mind be somewhere else?

I suddenly snapped back into the current moment, as the gentleman still had his hand on his wallet and seemed like he did not have the strength to remove it from his pocket.  There were no words from his lips, so he did not ask for any help.

My gaze went from this gentleman to the inside of my purse, noticing that I had two dollars.  I grabbed it and gave it to the cashier.  She said: “thank you.”  She then told the gentleman that he was all done.  He looked at her, picked up his bags and walked out.

Once the man was gone, I felt a sadness, but on the same note remembered his eyes and how they were so child like.

The stop at Hess was not an ordinary one today.  Instead, a chance to connect to a  person who has matured in his life but still with innocence in his eyes.

Bringing again the thought that we are all one in this life, you just never know when it will be your turn to connect to another.


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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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