Patience is Non-Existent When the Stomach is Screaming FEED ME!

As I entered the empty parking lot of Papa Louie’s, my mind was silently repeating the question: “should I stay or should I go?”  The time was about 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday and the skeleton lot was a very unusual sign of how the night was going to progress.

The restaurant scene is a hard one to predict, in fact there is no way you can know what each day will bring.  I guess it is a good thing that we don’t place bets on busy or not, because we definitely would all be poor.

I decided to take a few minutes to relax in my vehicle and prepare my mental mood before I entered the area of various chaos.

To paint a mental picture of what I am speaking, the environment is comparable to that of a woman with PMS, except in this particular scenario, most of the staff are men.  So, I guess you could call it Perturbed Man Syndrome.  Despite what men may say, their moods change as well, even though they deny it.

Once I made it to the hostess station, the manager proceeds to tell me that she tried to call me to let me know not to work tonight.  I replied that my phone never rang.  Cell phones, aren’t they the best?  I have always kept that uneasiness in the back of my mind that if I needed to call 911, that my phone would not work.  Hopefully, my anxiety never comes to the surface.

Seeing that it takes almost an hour to get to my pleasant place of employment, I decided to stay for a while and see if customers would feel the need to eat.

Well, I think that my mental telepathy was working because people started to come through the doors as if there were buses pulling in, dropping customers at the door and driving away.  They just kept coming and the phone would  not stop ringing!  We had to make a waiting list, which  never happens on a Wednesday.  The problem with that was everyone was bombarding me at the counter and I could not write fast enough, along with answering the phones, and taking cash with my two hands.

It was so wonderful that the restaurant was becoming full, but not one person came in with their patience.  Everyone was hungry and did not want to comprehend the fact that they had to wait!  Now, there are only eighteen tables that embody this space.  Even though we can’t have people sitting on the floor to eat, the way they were acting displayed a tune to me that it would have been acceptable to them.

I became overwhelmed from time to time, but still could pay attention to the madness and could not get off my mind how food was so important to them.  It was as if it was the last day of food and they wanted to get all they could before it was gone.  Bringing to mind: “it’s all about me.”

To me, this made me sad that food took the place of people.   Don’t misunderstand, we need food to survive, but how does it reign over having a little compassion and patience for all the people who share the same space at a certain time?  Needless to say that the atmosphere was a little heated, aggravated and frustrating, not just among the customers, but with some of the staff, all because of food!  The I want, want, want mentality.

So, maybe the next time you are at a restaurant and you possibly have to wait, consider that 1. the food is worth it. 2. everyone is working hard to make sure your satisfied.  3.  have patience for everyone else that may be waiting just as you are.

We all are in this world together and have the opportunity to be kind, compassionate and loving to all!

Peace and love,



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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