My Dark Day Became Clear the Moment This Child Appeared

This post is coming in late and I want to apologize for my absence.  Hope you all are having a peaceful and happy weekend!

The time is Thursday at 9:00 a.m. and Yoga class is about to begin.  The students are gradually coming into their sacred space and laying down mats with conversation filling the air.  As we are all having our little talks, the doors slowly open and I first see little Yogi feet.  I was kind of having a gloomy day, but when I saw that it was a beautiful ray of sunshine, I instantly knew my day would be different.

One of the Yogis that has come for a while had brought her little one to experience Yoga.  (Out of respect for my student, I will be using a fictitious name).  Her name was Chloe and I cannot begin to describe how cute and bubbly she looked.

She walked over to me and I asked her if she was ready to do some Yoga, she just shook her head yes, being shy like any three-year old.

As we began the class with meditation, I would open my eyes every few minutes just to see her little face.  She had her eyes closed and was in her own little moment.

I told the group  that today’s sequence would be a restorative one.  All of the postures are relaxing, restoring and regenerative.  During this time there is not much movement and requires one  be still and silent.

The first posture was Savasana (which is also called corpse pose), I prefer to call it complete relaxation.  Just something about the word “corpse” gives me an uneasy feeling.  So everyone laid down on their mats and were still for five minutes.  Chloe did well in the beginning, but you know the three-year old button soon started going.  I do have to say that even though she got restless, she was still silent.

Now it was time for legs up the wall pose.  It consists of laying on your back and extending your legs with your heels touching the wall.  Closing your eyes and resting for five minutes. (This posture is really good for your nervous system).  Chloe was not too keen about this one, so she sat on her mom and was facing me, still being quiet.  We were making eye contact with each other and smiling.  To keep her mind busy, I started to do some poses of my own and she was doing them too.

After five minutes, everyone slowly came out of legs up the wall and sat in easy pose for a minute.  So, I decided to ask Chloe if she would do a Yoga pose.  She was being shy still.  I said: “can you do downward facing dog?”  She shook her head no, but her mom said she knew how.  I got into downward facing dog to see if she would do it too, but she didn’t want to play that game.  It was okay, I was having fun just having her join class.

We came back to our sacred spaces and did a few more postures, which Chloe made it all the way until we were ready for the last relaxation, then her silent button was ready to go outside to turn the voice button back on.

Before they left, she came over to me and gave me a hug!  No words can describe how happy that made me feel.  Then she hugged me again, and I shook her hand and told her it was nice to have met you!  She smiled and they were on their way!

I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I was to have Chloe there that day!  It was as if Spirit knew what I was feeling.

You never know who is watching over you and who may bless your life!

May you be peaceful and happy!



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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