The Butterfly

Catching the Butterfly

I was on my way out to take the boys (my dogs) for a little ride and upon opening the gate to leave, I noticed this black & white striped beauty.   It started with just one, then a few seconds later there were about four or five.  Unfortunately, they were enjoying themselves so much, that this was the only capture I could manage to obtain.

I stood there for a few minutes just to watch how free and beautiful these butterflies were.  No cares, no worries, only the ability to go where they wanted at anytime.

At first I thought how great it would be to be a butterfly.  Then I realized that we are all butterflies in a sense.  We do have many freedoms that maybe sometimes we don’t really think about all that much.  We breathe, can walk or drive anywhere, can enjoy nature, and if we don’t agree on something we have the freedom to not be involved.  There are a couple of more freedoms, the freedom of speech, and to love one another.

We all have wings that can be open to everything life has to offer.  The few moments I had to gaze on these butterflies helped me to remember that life is beautiful and how blessed we are to have freedoms and to live life as each of us choose.  All of our life journeys are unique and the path we follow is our specific course for the time we have on this earth.

Sometimes it’s the little things we see that help us to focus on the big picture.

THE BUTTERFLY by Donna Miesbach

I’ve caught the sunlight in my wings

And move with ease and grace

For Spirit is my medium

And Earth my dwelling place

But once I crawled on tiny feet

Amid the dust of earth

Until at last I turned within

And found my own new birth

Tis through the chrysalis of prayer

My soul now freely sings

For when at last I did emerge,

Christ light was captured in my wings.

Yes, I am ever Spirit’s child,

All grace and ease commanding

Born within a moment

Of quiet understanding.

May you all open your wings and be the light that shines on all!

Peace and love,



6 thoughts on “The Butterfly

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