Yoga: Union of Mind, Body and Spirit Whether Your Eight or Eighty

September 2011: The turning point on this journey of life.  Yoga was a part of my daily routine, but I was not really engaging the entire spectrum of the Yoga lifestyle.

Even though I was not fully quenched with the benefits, I had a wish to bring Yoga to others for some time.  Some may call it a dream, and there were days when I believed that it was just a dream, maybe more of a fantasy.

The passion to help others when possible has always been a part of my human development.  I have to give credit to my parents for teaching me to be kind always and do your best to keep smiling in any situation, good or bad.

The first part of this post  reads: “September 2011: The turning point on this journey of life.”  The chance to share Yoga with others was not a fantasy anymore, it had become a reality.  I had talked about teaching Yoga with Janice, the Reverend of Unity Spiritual Center and she told me I could use the center to teach Yoga.

So, Yoga began with class on Monday at 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  I was so grateful to be able to share Yoga that the first class was FREE and the turnout was great!  On that day there were several students who signed up to receive more.  Again I felt blessed and so joyful!

As the months have come and gone, there have been many beautiful and loving people who I have met as well as developed a friendship.  Classes are not just joining into a room and doing postures together, it is a family who communicates with each other and shares life experiences.

Until recently Monday was the only day that Yoga was available.  A couple of weeks ago an opportunity had opened up to add extra days so more students could join in the Yoga family.  My heart filled with excitement!  Now there was Yoga on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Students were happy as well because they could come more than one day.

So, this past Thursday I had the pleasure to have two of my Yoga sisters which were my mom and Denise.  My mom had brought a woman who I had not seen in twenty years!!!!  ( I am still shocked at that number).  Her name is Ginny and has been a friend of the family since my childhood.  It was her first time in a Yoga class and she had looked the same as when I first met her.

We hugged and asked how each other had been.  Now I just have to tell you that she a sweet and petite woman from Kentucky with blue eyes and a bubbly personality.  A few minutes had passed and out from her mouth came that she was 80!!!!  The whole time I was thinking that she was only in her sixties.  As we were going through the Yoga flow, I kept looking at her and for the little time we had spent together I was seeing my grandmother who had passed on when she was in her sixties.   I felt like I was able to connect with her in a spiritual sense.  (Now I know that might seem a little weird to some, but I believe that everything comes back to you in some way).

Each moment in life is a connection to another.  We are all blessed with the opportunity to love everyone we meet.

Life is a precious gift, treasure the times you are given, whether good or bad, all of them have a purpose for your journey.

May everyone have peace in their thoughts, peace in their words and peace and love in their hearts.

Peace and love to you all,



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