People Take a Saturday Stroll For Treasure Coast Hospice House

Beach Stroll

The weather this Saturday morning is cloudy and cold!  When I say it was cold, that’s exactly what I mean.  Not only was it chilly, but the wind was blowing and felt like you had a hole in the middle of you for it to circle the inside just enough to keep you shaking and when the job was done, it moved on to the next person.

Time is around 8:00 a.m. and my mom and I are getting ready to head to the beach!  Yes, you are reading this correctly!  No, we are not crazy.  This is where we were going  to walk to help Treasure Coast Hospice House.

Hospice House is a home away from home for those who have matured in their life and need some tender loving care.  The caregivers are full-time compassionate professionals and dedicated volunteers who offer physical, emotional and spiritual care to those with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones.

To start this day, everyone gathered at Archie’s on the beach.  Archie’s is a place to connect with people while enjoying great food!

Upon arrival, we were amazed at all the people already there!   Surprisingly, it did not take long to find a parking spot!

The first table we came to had been filled with raffle tickets, and surrounded with all the gifts you could win!  One of the big prizes was a tree filled with gift cards worth $1,000.00.   The grand, grand prize was a car!  Those tickets were $100.00 each!!!!

It was really great to see how people were giving their time and buying tickets to support one of the treasures in the community.

We walked around for a few more minutes, saw some friends and before we knew it, we were all off and walking the beach!

There were all ages: little babies, teenagers, and even those who needed help to walk.

Once everyone finished the walk, we all came back to Archie’s for breakfast!  This was really a treat and I was grateful for the cooks who I am sure were there very, very early.  The meal consisted of french toast, eggs, bacon, cheesy potatoes, orange juice and coffee!  It was yummy!!!

There was more conversation with friends and  one of the women  had just recently been traumatized with a stroke where she could not talk.  It had only been ten months and you would have never known that it happened.  All of her friends had said that she worked hard with speech therapy and has come a long way!

Despite the unusually cold snap, it was a perfect day!  No matter where you are or what your day may entail, there is always opportunity to experience life whether a person or enjoying nature .

Every moment is a treasure and I feel rich for this day of gems I have received!

May you all be blessed and have a peaceful day!


4 thoughts on “People Take a Saturday Stroll For Treasure Coast Hospice House

  1. As pleasant and comfortable as these places are, I would not want to die there. Would rather be left alone at a spot in the woods or by the sea shore. I am in Miami. Is Treasure Coast north of me or on Gulf side?


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