The 27th Day: Artists Exchange Information to Share Their Creativity


These past few days have been a busy journey, trying to juggle work, school, taking photographs, and teaching Yoga.  In no way am I complaining, especially since I am not sitting around looking for something to keep me occupied.

Recently I have become obsessed with photography and my camera, which used to just be with me once in a while, is close to replacing my purse.  (which would not be a bad thing because I really hate purses because you can never find anything).

Sorry, let’s get back to the post!

You may have seen the post I did previously titled: “Artists, Farmers and Food Marketers.”, along with the one “Connecting with a Creative Spirit.”  That particular day of the Farmer’s Market, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael, an artist, creator, etc.  He noticed that I was carrying my camera and shooting photos.  We started talking, and he was telling me that he was an artist and of course I told him I loved photography.  He continued to tell me about a site where you can not only display your creativity, but sell your prints, painting, drawings, etc.  (  We talked for a few more minutes, and I thanked him for the information.

Now to the present part of this post.  This happened on Wednesday, and yes I am late getting this in, so I apologize.

It is about 5:00 p.m. and it is time to be the hostess with the mostess at Pappa Louie’s.  Upon arrival, I notice some regular customers.  One in particular was Larry Mayo, a photographer for more than thirty years whose work is exceptional.   He was just finishing dinner and was heading for the counter to cash out.  He is president of the Treasure Coast Photography Club and this is the night that they get together.

We greeted each other and talked a little about photography (of course) and I started to tell him about Fine Art America.  He never heard of it and he was grateful for the extra exposure for his artwork.  He then told me about displaying my photographs at the St. Lucie County Fair, it is free and you can submit two photos.  I was so excited to hear that juicy piece of information, not to mention grateful.

Every day there is an open opportunity to help others express their individual creativity.  We are all unique, but we all possess  loving kindess to unite the world.


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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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