The 26th Day: Sharing the Benefits of Yoga has Grown Into a Universal Friendship

I started teaching Yoga in September of 2011 and I am so blessed and thankful that I can help others with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   The style that I offer is Hatha, which is gentle and designed for all who are either a beginner or have been practicing for some time.

As the months have passed, I have had the pleasure of meeting and developing a friendship with all who have entered the doors leading into our sacred space where we gather  for an hour to calm our mind, release stress and rejuvinate our body.

There is only one class that I instruct which is on Mondays, and this day is difficult for some, but there are ones who it is just what they need to start their week.  There is a class at 11:00 a.m. and then one in the evening at 7:00.  Depending on everyone’s schedule, most of the time the evening class is more convenient.

A couple of Mondays ago, there were three new Yogis that just came to class.  This was so exciting and brought warmth to my heart that they had come to join  the Yoga family.   There were two ladies and one gentleman.  Now I was glad to see a man interested because there has only been one class that was co-ed.

There was Loranda, Vicki and Bob.  Loranda had told me that she was looking for a Yoga class for three weeks because she was trying to start a healthy way of living.  There has been a sign for Yoga classes at the Community Center, but she said everytime she went, there was no teacher.  So, I told her that I am here every week and if I wasn’t I would let her know.  Then we have Vicki, a free spirit and such a loving individual who is living life as a happy soul.

Now there is Bob, a young man from New York who was only visiting for a few weeks and then had to return to the cold weather.  ( I was born in New York, so I was not envious).  He had explained a few of his limitations and I informed him that this class would not involve anything that would bring pain or restriction.  Also let him see that there were props available to him  any time that he needed assistance.    His face lit up with a smile, which I saw as a relief that he could relax, without feeling any pressure.

As we had finished the second class that Bob had attended, ( which was Loranda, Bob and myself), we sat and shared some thoughts.  Loranda was telling us how she moved here to be with her brother and had found her biological parents.  Bob’s thoughts were of how he has studied Hinduism for ten years and has grown spiritually.

I was really enjoying this time of discussion and glad that I had the opportunity to get a little preview of what Hinduism can offer.  As well as the joy I felt when Loranda shared her story about family, which is  a gift to always be treasured.

Around 9:00 p.m. we started to clean up and get ready to head home.  Bob went to his car for a moment and came back with CD’s for me and Loranda.  These were not just regular music CD’s, they were a CD of Bob’s musical talent.  I felt so special at that moment, ( almost too happy, like a little groupie!)

Not only did I give a gift of Yoga that night, I received more than words could ever express.


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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