Day Number 25: Connecting with a Creative Spirit


Ocean Energy and Earthbound Art Copyright T.Mora Photography

The 29 Days of Giveaways is almost coming to an end.  Honestly I can’t imagine being able to truly explain to you how this has transformed my life journey.  Even the most peaceful and calm person can go through difficult or overwhelming times.  Life today tends to sometimes heighten anxiety, create undo stress or bring tension and frustration to the mind and body.  If we find ourselves running in fifty million directions, there is no time to just take a moment to close our eyes, breathe and find peace to move on.

Some of you fellow bloggers may know that I have another blog “Photomontage: Life in Progress” and may have viewed the post “A Saturday of Artists, Farmers and Food Marketers”,  and if not then you might want to take a preview of that before you continue reading this post.  Starting with the earlier post will bring this into perspective.  There is no pressure, just a little guidance.

This past Saturday I was fortunate to have a day with my mother to enjoy the Farmer’s Market downtown, which is a combination of  local Artists, Farmers and Food Vendors.  Of course, I had my other eyes with me (the camera), which lately has been permanently attached to me like a piece of clothing.

As we were browsing around, I was taking photographs (only if I had permission, especially by the artists).  Since I usually work every Saturday, this was like Disney Land for me!  There was a Reggae band playing in the distance, people were taking walks with their dogs, others were biking and children were playing.  So, as you can see there were many aspects of life to capture.

We stopped at  many of the booths to see if there was anything that popped our interest.  My mom looked at the jewelry, fruits and vegetables and other items of her particular personality.  There were a couple of artists that leaned toward my personality, which included photography, paintings, recycled pieces, and earth toned art.

I happened to notice a booth which contained some unusual and creative pieces and my body moved in that direction.  The sign above this area said “Ocean Energy and Earthbound Art.”  I was digging it!  We walked in and met the beautiful woman who owned these creations.   She told us that all her pieces were hand made  out of recycled aluminum, glass beads, etc., no glue, only wired and put together by her own hands.  I thought that was truly amazing and required an immense amount of patience.   Her energy was inviting, so I proceeded to ask if I could take some photos of her work.  At first she was hesitant, and I could totally understand.

So I said, “okay, I respect your request.”  I stood there for a moment and we continued to talk and I told her I was a photographer and that I had taken photos all day with the artist’s permission.  We talked for a few more minutes and she told me that she has not sold anything today.   I wanted to help her, so I let her know that I was not trying to steal her creativity (because honestly that was not my intention).   My only interest  is to help you get exposure and let others know about your art, so they can possibly make a purchase.

To my surprise, she turned her no into a yes to take photos.  I was so grateful, not for myself, but for the fact that she opened her heart and mind to let me help.   The next step I took was to give her my photography website, email and phone number, to let her breathe a little easier.

Well, I emailed the picture I took of her booth and Monday she replied with excitement.  She does not have a website or any other place that people can see her work, only the Saturdays she is at the Farmer’s Market.   Since I have been so blessed and impressed with WordPress, I told her I would take photographs and help her set up her business site.

You never can tell what journey you will take from day-to-day, only that each person you connect to is one with a purpose to love and help others.   We all have unique links that are in someway bonded to another to form an eternal union.

May you all have much peace, love and happiness today and every day of life’s journey!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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