24th Day: It’s All About Love

Let your heart overflow

I want to share this post with you from Aine Belton.  She is with the Global Love Project and has a loving heart and soul for all.  May her story inspire you and radiate peace and love in your heart.  We are all valuable and are worthy of love.

The Voice of Love

April 19, 2011

By Aine Belton

The voice of love is the voice of your heart, and speaks the wisdom of your soul and spirit; the you beyond your personality and ego, untainted by the conditioned mind and limited thinking.

It is always kind and speaks compassionately about yourself and others. It seeks to understand the why behind the what, the luminous intent behind any deed, the innocence at the heart of all.

Love seeks, and hence finds, love, and views negativity for what it is – a call for help, greater love and understanding, an opportunity for forgiveness, or a vehicle for growth and building inner strength.

How do you know the voice of love is speaking?

Well, let’s first look at how you know when it’s not speaking, or perhaps better put, when you are least likely to hear it.

When you are judging, blaming, ignorant about a person, blinded by bad attitude, fear, or anger, the voice of love may be hard to hear.

One way to know you are listening to the voice of love is that it invariably makes you feels GOOD.  And not in any egotistic way, such as feeling ‘better than’ or righteous, but good because of the sweet realization of other people’s and your own inherent nature, however far they or you may appear from that at the time.

Love connects you to your value and worth, and is abundant and nourishing in its appreciation of self and others, seeking only the best in people.

Even if it speaks a wisdom that challenges your current perspectives, it will do so lovingly and with the grace of compassion that allows truths to be assimilated by your heart and mind.

Love lets you know you are safe, deserving, and belonging. It brings these awarenesses and other divine truths to your heart in beautiful and healing ways, like a honey-gold light that fills you from the inside out, restoring peace, well-being, faith and joy.

The voice of love rekindles hope, and shines light on the way through of any situation. It reminds you that you are loved, loving and loveable, and this is ultimately all you need to know. When you embrace and accept this truth, you rest in a sanctuary of peace, and external negativity either resolves, or no longer bothers you.

Love shines light on the gift in any problem, and encourages you to keep going. It reminds you that change is always right here, right now, for indeed, the miracle of love is that anything can be healed in an instant by awakening to love.

The voice of love may be direct like a laser beam, a burst of sunshine, giggles bubbling from your heart, or a soft gentle wave that envelopes you in liquid light.

Its messages may be profound, life-changing, or simply light-hearted and playful.

The voice of love may have varying tones, but one thing is sure, it will always leave you feeling better about yourself and others. It nurtures your heart like a healing balm, and reminds you of the essential truth that only love is real, and that love lies at the heart of all.

The voice of love can be missed, or dimmed and blocked by ego agendas, everyday distractions, stress, negative beliefs, worry, hurt, ignorance, and constricting emotions.

Your personality self, it’s programs and conditioned and reactionary thinking, and the impact of others, can drown out the sweet melodies of love.

For this reason, taking time to be still, meditate, pause, ponder, rest, and reflect, can all help you reconnect to the voice of love within.

Listen for the voice of love in the crowded house of mind, soft it speaks yet endless are the echoes of this treasured find.

Nature, so imbued with love, can also be a wonderful way to open to greater love. Its beauty stirs the heart and soul, and elevates you to higher states of consciousness.

The voice of love is the voice of your Higher Self, the spiritual being that you are, and the Creator. Your Higher Self is the highest aspect of your consciousness closest to Source. It knows you inside-out, more than you know yourself, and loves you totally and unconditionally.

Meditations and exercises to develop your intuition and connect with your Higher Self can help you access and listen more closely to love’s call, and the insights and guidance that are there for you in every moment.

Your feelings can also be a great guide to reflect on your connection to love. If you’re feeling in a bad way, you may be less open to hearing love’s voice, but that’s OK; you came here to experience the spectrums of human emotion. To live authentically is to be in touch with all your emotions. Love may not be constantly felt, but it is consistently available.

Whatever your feelings, start by honouring and accepting them. Don’t deny, judge, avoid or repress them. Acknowledge them and allow them to be felt and experienced so they can move through you and be released.

When you allow yourself to feel, you move through layers of emotion. Even if they get darker initially, you will eventually come to a clearing, freeing yourself of denser emotions.

In the brightness and space that follows love can more readily shine its light, like sunshine piercing through dissipating clouds.

The voice of love knows your highest path, and the answers to your questions. It knows the true nature of others and yourself. It brings joy, wisdom, healing, and new beginnings, and enables you to let go of painful past experiences, holding wide open the door of forgiveness that grants you freedom and new birth.

Love is the most potent healing force. There is ultimately nothing that enough love will not heal, transform and transcend.

With love,

Aine Belton

You can receive a FREE love packet if you go to www.globalloveproject.com


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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