This is an interesting and useful post for all you recyclers and environmentalists out there!

Recipes de Liina

Besides loving to cook, I love nature. I am a lifelong environmentalist. One of the most visible aspects of our environmental footprint in the kitchen is our garbage. Landfills have a major impact on the environment, polluting air and groundwater. How can you minimize kitchen waste?

San Francisco Recycling, Compost, and Garbage Bins

First, compost food scraps. If your yard is big enough, start a compost pile or get a compost barrel. If you do not have a yard, you can find small worm composting bins for indoors or balconies. This Green Life has a rebuttal for all your concerns about composting. I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco, a city with a composting collection system, so I just put food waste in a green bin alongside trash and recycling, and the city collection service whisks it away to be turned into fertilizing compost for vineyards and landscaping. I was quite excited when San Francisco…

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