21st day- Three Little Bits of Giving

I had little areas of being able to share today.  So, I am going to compile them all into this day. 

The day started with the morning trip to McDonald’s to give the boys (my dogs) a little breakfast that consisted of sausage biscuits. (I know it’s not good for them, but their pit bulls!)  As I was paying for their treat, I dropped some money in the little box that was below the window for the Ronald McDonald House for Children.

Nine thirty is the hour and before I can travel to work, I need to fill up my loyal vehicle with gasoline.  As I went inside to pay for the gas, I noticed a teenage boy just standing outside, playing with his hair.  I also was aware that his clothes were kind of dirty, but was not assuming that there was anything wrong.  Walking back to my vehicle, he said “excuse me miss” and I said, “excuse me sir.”  He continued to ask if I had any change to spare.  Well I just happened to have two dollars in my hand which was the change that was left over.  So, I gave it to him.

This last little bit of sharing was from tonight.  I spend my Sunday night working as the hostess, cashier and telephone girl.  Sometimes I receive tips from the customers who come in to pick up their food.  This was one of those nights.  I received a $5.00 tip from a customer and since one of the servers helped me put the order together, I split it with him.


So, that is just a little spice of life from me to you!

Hope you are having a great night!



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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